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Dennis Kelvie
Design Manager

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Dennis Kelvie has been designing log homes for over 12 years.  In that time he has been published numerous times, both as a featured designer and as a source of expertise, and is considered to be one of the foremost log home design experts in the country.  Using the latest in 3D CAD technology and proprietary estimating software, which he developed, Dennis has transformed the Caribou Design Department in to a state of the art design center.

His passion for log homes started long before he ever drew his first log home.  As a child Dennis had the opportunity to stay in many historical log cabins, as well as modern log homes.  Even from an early age he saw the beauty and understood the “vibes” that people felt in log homes.  In college while many of his peers focused on “modern” architecture, Dennis’ focus was on combining the history of log homes with modern amenities. 

Dennis’ other passion has always been technology.  26 years ago his father bought him his first computer.  Growing up through the evolution of modern computers, Dennis always kept abreast of the latest technologies.  Over the years Dennis developed several software's and systems that increased the efficiency of his design, while offering the client more visual tools to better understand their log homes, as well as minimize waste and redundancies.  Considered to be a “power user” for CAD in his industry, Dennis uses the latest computer aided drafting technology and 3D modeling tools to better serve our clients.

Dennis has helped hundreds of clients over the years by designing their dream log homes.  By paying close attention to client wishes and understanding the costs and ways to achieve their dreams, he has been able to transform their dreams into reality.  
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