Caribou Creek Log HomesCaribou Creek Log HomesCaribou Creek Log Homes

“ . . . Caribou Creek Log Home builders have more than fulfilled my vision. Their honesty, integrity, truthfulness and state-of- the-art craftsmanship is beyond reproach.” - Richard E. McClellan -


What Sets Us Apart
It isn't simply our expertise that sets us apart. Our people make the difference. Begun in a closely knit Mennonite community, Caribou Creek was founded on a blend of craft and commitment. Our work ethic comes first — which means we care about how we treat our customers and each other. In every interaction, we treat you with the same integrity and respect that we accord one another.

How We Stack Up
We are proud to be known as one of the premier hand-crafter's in North America and the only hand-crafter consistently building in all styles:

  • Full-scribe
  • Chinked
  • Dovetail
  • Timber Frame
  • Post and Beam
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