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After dealing with many contractors and suppliers over the years, we found Caribou Creek Log Homes to be tops in knowledge and talent, hiring only the most experienced and perfectionist employees, and a great pleasure to work with

 -MH and Bailey Campbell-


In the 20 years that we have been in business, we have had the pleasure of building for people all over the country.  With each of these projects, we have made many good friends, many of which are in the building trades.

Frequently, we have been involved with the Client’s architect, designer, engineer or contractor.  Many of these professionals have greatly appreciated the guidance, service and support we are able to supply since this is their first log or timber project.  After working together as a supportive team, and completing their project successfully, we have gone on to do many other projects with these same professionals.

During our years in the business, we have come to appreciate what additional materials and systems work well with a log or timber frame home, and how diverse the areas are in which we build. We would be happy to share our experiences and provide some recommendations for your needs, budget and locale.

One of the first questions we get asked by our new clients is if we can recommend a local contractor.  Although the ultimate decision is yours to make, we should be able to give you a list of firms who we have worked with in the past, or who are well regarded in your area.

Building Departments around this country seem to have many similar requirements based on National Building Codes but in some jurisdictions, there may be some very stringent and unique requirements.  These variables are due to wind loads, seismic conditions, snow loads, ground conditions and others.  In order to accommodate our client’s desires to build in varying locations, we have put a team of Structural Engineers together that can provide certified structural designs for any condition.  This is of great value to our customers, their local Building Department and their General Contractor.

A number of our clients want to take a “Hand’s On” approach to their building project.  When taking this approach, getting started in the right direction is paramount.  This is where our Design Team comes in.  With our client’s wish list, budget and lifestyle in mind, our Design Team uses topographical maps, plot plans, photos and even site visits, if possible, to help guide our clients on design features, house configurations, locating the house on the site to take advantage of the special features of the property.  After the initial design is complete, our team then creates complete working plans, including engineering requirements,.  These plans also include complete and detailed log shop drawings for use in the production of the log or timber frame home.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any other Services or Resources you may need in the building of your new log or timber home.