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Working with Caribou Creek Log Homes has been a great experience.  Their office staff and sales people pay attention to detail and are all about customer service and their log crafter's, or should I say, “Log Artisans” have created an awe-inspiring home for our clients.

 -Steve Smith
DSS Custom Homes-


To get started, you’ll want to become creative, then organized! We can help you do both.

For inspiration start by looking around our site. Our example plans are beautifully designed and easily customized. We also recommend you look at magazines and web sites that show homes, rooms and decorative details that appeal to your sense of style. Select those pictures and pages for your own idea notebook or folder. It also helps to make a wish list of the big ideas and fine finishing details you envision for your dream home.

Once you get an idea of what you want, feel free to sketch out your ideal floor plan - even a design on a napkin will do. Talk with our Design team, or work with your own designer or architect to come up with the perfect plan. If your log home can be engineered, Caribou Creek can build it.

Once you take possession of your land, you will want to consider how to “site” your home - that is, how to locate and orient the structure in order to take advantage of light, landscape and views. Site photos and a topographic map are tools that help us advise on how to situate your home for the perfect location.

Establishing a building budget is also important to help you determine what the finished product will include. And finally, you will want to identify your move-in date, a target date upon which all of your timelines will be built.

With your footwork completed, here is what you can expect for the typical work-flow timeline of a Caribou Creek Log Home project:
  • Establish approximate estimate.
  • Complete Design Questionnaire.
  • Complete Sales Agreement.
  • Finalize plans.
  • Make delivery reservation.
  • Confirm Contract and Specifications.
  • Begin construction.
  • Complete delivery.
  • Make final acknowledgements.
Using your basic design concepts, we will be happy to provide you – at no charge - with a preliminary estimate of the cost of your log home structure. We work closely with you to make sure that your package is both complete and cost-effective.